The Chargerito Is compact, cordless, and charges your phone directly from the outlet

Get one now for $30, two for $50, or three for $67.

When you are traveling light, every extra ounce makes a big difference. Unfortunately, Apple did not design the iPhone power adapter with backpackers in mind. If you need to save space, the Chargerito is an essential upgrade. Billed as the world’s smallest iPhone charger, this tiny device measures just 0.6 inches thick. You can get it now for just $29.99 at the PopSci Shop.

When you’re an iPhone owner, life is a never-ending search for the next charging point. But unless you happen to find a free USB port, you’re going to need a power adapter. While the Apple version won’t even fit in your pocket, Chargerito can hang off your keychain.

This tiny charger measures 2 inches tall and 1.8 inches wide, with folding clips for easier storage. When you need power, you simply plug your iPhone directly into the charger—there is no cord to get tangled or snapped.

Chargerito has full MFi certification from Apple, and it plays nicely with any iPhone that has a Lightning connector. You can even use it to charge your iPad or your AirPods.

You can get Chargerito now for $29.99. Alternatively, you can grab a two-pack for $49.99 (16 percent off) or a three-pack for $66.99 (25 percent off).