Pay whatever you want for 55 hours of White Hat hacker training

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The cybersecurity industry has grown massively over the past couple of years, and the trend is set to continue. If you want to build a career in this exciting niche, the Certified White Hat Hacker Bundle should be your starting point. This huge training library offers 55 hours of video tutorials, helping you work toward professional certification. Right now, you can pay what you want for the instruction here.

Before any major app or network goes live, it has to be tested. The job of a cybersecurity expert is to find the weaknesses that malicious hackers might exploit. This bundle helps you run test attacks using a variety of tools. The video lessons provide loads of hands-on practice, and you don’t need any previous experience to get started.

Along the way, you learn how to hack Wi-Fi networks, bind malware to files, and use TOR to go under the radar. You also get 9.5 hours of practice material for the CISSP exam. This internationally recognized certification will open doors for you in the industry.

You can name your price on the Web Hacking for Beginners. Simply beat the average price paid to get the full bundle, worth $1,140.