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Hanukkah is quickly approaching, and every home celebrating the Festival of Lights needs a menorah. This project is quick, easy, and one you can make with kids and use for years to come.


  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Cost: Less than $10
  • Difficulty: Easy

Tools & Materials

  • One (optionally two) ceramic wall tile(s)
  • 10 lug nuts (A 3/8-inch lug nut should fit the standard Hanukkah candle, but bring a candle with you to the hardware store and check the size before buying.)
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Hot glue one lug nut in the center of the tile. Use more glue to fill in the center of the lug nut.
  2. Evenly space and hot glue four lug nuts on both sides of the center nut. Do not fill.
  3. Hot glue the final lug nut on top of the center nut. Do not fill.
  4. (Optional) Hot glue a second tile perpendicular to the first, forming a back for your menorah.

Happy Hanukkah!