Celebrate The First Cosmonaut With A Snow Portrait

Snowy Gagarin

Yuri In Snow

Yuri In Snow

I'd have a smug grin too if I was the first person to leave the atmosphere.Screenshot by author, from YouTube

Two days and 55 years ago, Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in Outer Space. There are many ways to celebrate that triumph of human engineering, like looking back to the legacy of secrets and propaganda in space. Bizarrely, Russian state-owned television network RT Ruptly decided to show a portrait of Yuri in the snow and filmed it with a drone. Yay?

Looking for another way to honor the cosmonaut's journey? We personally recommend First Orbit, a film-length recreation of Gagarin's flight shot aboard the International Space Station.

Or you could watch a drone fly over snow ridges that make out Gagarin’s face. Sure!