At long, long last, General Motors has revealed the follow-up vehicle to the plug-in Chevrolet Volt. Based on the original Converj concept, the Cadillac ELR had been an on-and-off again project for the automaker. Now it’s not only a reality, it’s frickin’ gorgeous. A sleek two-door coupe, the ELR shares the Voltec powertrain technology employed on the Volt, delivering roughly 35 miles of all-electric range before a supplemental 1.4L gasoline engine kicks in for a total driving range of approximately 300 miles, all of which can be done in the carpool lane in certain states that provide the coveted incentive to plug-in cars.

Unfortunately, a lingering concern remains about Cadillac’s commitment to this little car. Group Vice President Bob Ferguson noted after the reveal that “we’re only going to make so many, and only for so long.” Hopefully that position will soften with market demand, assuming they don’t price the car so high as to intentionally relegate it to collector’s item status. We’ll see…

And those enamored with the ELR will still have to hold their breath a bit longer; the car goes into production late this year, with deliveries beginning early in 2014. If it drives anything like it looks, though, it’ll be worth the wait.