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With Detroit reeling and Toyota busy trying to explain away some rather egregious design flaws, it might seem like a ripe time for an innovative car company to introduce a mind-blowing, paradigm-shifting idea to the automotive world. This is not that idea. Hungarian car company Antro’s ambitious reinvention of the modern auto involves creating a six-seat hybrid-solar car that splits into two three-seater cars. Or a pair of three-seater cars that combine into six-seaters, depending on how you look at it.

Without a doubt it’s an interesting idea, and as such the company has poured 1.5 million euros into developing the concept into a working prototype. According to the company, solar panels on the roof could deliver enough power to propel a single three-seater 12.5 miles before the other power source needs to kick in, and its small design would certainly make it no less viable a city car than the Smart Cars that dot the curbs of many European burgs. But a car that docks with other cars? The benefits are dubious, to say the least.

To answer (or not) a few of your questions: we’re not really sure exactly how this automotive merging is supposed to take place (nose-to-tail? side-by-side?). And we’re not really sure if the car will be sold as a set of two or as individual three-seater units. But now we’re getting ahead of ourselves; we’d actually be pretty surprised to see something like this go to market, Voltron-esque style points notwithstanding.

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