Tesla Motors Releases Teaser Shots of Model S Sedan

You can't buy one until 2011, but Tesla Motors' Model S sedan looks so good on the road, we might just tack one of these shots to our bedroom wall

Tesla’s new teaser photos may be the first ones showing the new Model S sedan in mid-flog, but don’t expect to catch one along the coast highway just yet. Tesla says the first deliveries of the $57,400 all-electric sedan (with a $7,500 government rebate check in hand, the price will drop just below 50 large) will commence in 2011. The company says they’ve already taken more than 1,000 pre-orders, along with deposits of $5,000 a pop. Here’s to you, early adopters.

[via egmCarTech]

Tesla Model S, Driving

Silicon Valley’s Tesla Motors released new photos this week of its upcoming Model S all-electric sedan. Tesla’s chief designer, Franz Von Holzhausen, is behind the wheel.

Tesla Model S, Full Frontal

Tesla says the 3,825-lbs Model S, which is powered by a similar all-electric powerplant as the roadster, will get from zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, around the same as a BMW 535i.

Tesla Model S, Side View

Top speed of the Tesla Model S, formerly code-named White Star, will be limited to 120 mph. Three battery pack options will offer a range of 160, 230 or 300 miles on a charge, which can be handled in 3 to 5 hours by 120V or 240V outlets, or in 45 minutes by way of a 480V supply. Of course, Tesla points out, you could just swap out the battery in 5 minutes.

Tesla Model S, Low Angle

Tesla officials said earlier this year the Model S will arrive in 2011 at a base price of $57,400, or $49,900 after $7,500 in government rebates.

Tesla Model S, Front

Tesla unveiled the Model S prototype this past March at the company’s design studio inside the SpaceX rocket factory, a space-exploration start-up founded by Tesla (and PayPal) founder Elon Musk, in Hawthorne, Calif.