In preparation for the inaugural Global Green Challenge across the Australian outback, a team of Turkish students have assembled a hydrogen-powered vehicle that has an efficiency of 568 kilometers per liter (roughly 1,335 mpg). In order to get across the outback, they hope to only use three liters of fuel in the vehicle, dubbed the SAHİMO.

The SAHİMO weighs 110 kg–a carbon fiber frame keeps the weight down–and the scary thing is that these Sakarya University students want to up the efficiency to 1,000 km/L.

But doing so won’t be cheap, as the cost to build the SAHIMO is already at $170,000, and they’re looking for sponsors to keep improving the car before the competition in October.

The Global Green Challenge is organized by the same organization responsible for the World Solar Challenge, which has produced some of its own notable cars, including the University of Michigan’s latest, the Infinium.

[via Today’s Zaman via Inhabitat]