Driver's Education

Nissan’s GT-R puts a Formula One engineering team in your dash, so your driving skills will be as well-tuned as the engine

Mind and Machine

The GT-R's interface shows exactly how your driving affects the ride.Nissan

The touchscreen in Nissan's new $70,000, 480-horsepower GT-R sports car does more than show you the fastest route to the shopping mall—it makes you a better driver. The system logs data such as steering angle and G-force so performance freaks can squeeze the very most out of the car. And a gearshift map shows when to shift for optimal fuel efficiency.

The snazzy graphics come from game developer Polyphony Digital, the studio that created the Sony PlayStation driving-game series Gran Turismo. Just remember, there are no do-overs if you crash.

Knowledge is Power

Four customizable screens let gearheads access key stats like acceleration and turbo boost pressure. The system records all data so you can identify trends in your driving.Nissan