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How do you get more people to use hybrid vehicles? Build one a whole city can use.

In Seattle, the loccal transit authority has begun taking delivery of 235 GM hybrid-powered buses, the largest single order for hybrid buses ever placed in the U.S. This single fleet is slated to save over 750,000 gallons of fuel annually, the equivalent of thousands of small hybrid cars.

If the nine largest U.S. cities replaced their 13,000 conventional buses with GM hybrid-powered buses, they would save over 40 million gallons of fuel annually. A positive impact the whole country could feel.

That’s how we approach the environment here at GM. We deliver real-world solutions that make a real-world difference.

GM has more car and truck segment fuel economy leaders than any other manufacturer.** GM has built more than a third of all flexible-fuel vehicles on America’s roads today. And when it comes to fuel cells, our hydrogen-powered Hy-wireTM concept car set the standard.

We’ve set the bar high. And we’re charging towards it every day. In cars. In trucks. And in big, magic buses. Jump aboard.

* Claims compared to a conventional diesel bus on an urban schedule.

** Based on Ward’s segmentation and 2004 model year EPA estimated mpg city and highway leaders.

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