The new “sports tourers” or “crossbred vehicles”

If automakers have their way, you’ll be driving a station wagon soon–only you’ll call it a “sports tourer” or “crossbred vehicle.” Here’s a peek at the wagon-esque concepts we’ve seen recently.

1. Chrysler Pacifica
The Spin: “A new interpretation of a premium six-passenger vehicle”
Production Chances: Planned for 2004 model year

2. Jeep Compass
The Spin: “Pointing consumers toward tomorrow”
Production Chances: Excellent, but the finished product won’t look like this

3. Mercedes-Benz GST
The Spin: “Embodies a totally new vehicle concept”
Production Chances: Slim, though features could be pilfered for Mercedes’ other wagons

4. SAAB 93-X
The Spin: “Turn your back on compromise”
Production Chances: Good, with cosmetic changes that make it look more like a Saab

5. Toyota ccX
The Spin: “New directions in styling and versatility”
Production Chances: Not as is, but it could morph into the next-generation Corolla

6. Volkswagen Magellan
The Spin: “Part car, part truck, part SUV”
Production Chances: Even bet-could go on same platform as VW’s forthcoming sport-ute