Car jump starters that will bring your auto’s battery back to life

Forget AAA; you can handle it yourself.

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An emergency charge, wherever you go.Erwan Hesry via Unsplash

There's no good time or place for your car battery to go dead, but there's a way for you to prepare. Not only can these car jump starters charge up your car’s battery, most of them can also charge your phone. Some can even pump air into your tires, too.

NOCO Jump Starter
The Noco touts that it can jump-start your car in seconds.Amazon

This kit can jump start your car 20 times from a single charge. The portable 6.7-inch starter comes with a durable protective bag and lighting that features seven different settings. It also boasts a spark-free technology, meaning it’s safe to use even for those who aren’t car savvy.

Tacklife T8 Car Jump Starter
The Tacklife brags an on and off feature that lets it stay charged for up to a year.Amazon

The Tacklife jump starter weighs just one pound, which makes it one of the most compact options available. It can charge a vehicle as large as a van up to 30 times. It also has dual charging ports, just in case you need to charge up to two phones, too. If you’re likely to forget to charge your jump starter, this one is a great option: it will stay charged for up to 12 months.

Stanley Power Station Jump Starter
The Stanley Jump Starter hosts a handle, which makes it easier to carry around your vehicle.Amazon

At 18 pounds, the Stanley jump starter is significantly larger, but more powerful than the others. It’s also a phone charger, an air compressor, and a pressure gauge all in one. It also features a 270-degree LED light to help you fix up your car in the dark. Just remember to charge this one every 30 days when it’s not in use.