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Flashlight Makeover

Drop this retrofit kit into the bulb socket of your $2 drugstore C- or D-cell torch, and turn it into an LED hand lamp with up to 10 times the battery life. Nite IzeLED Upgrade Kit $10;

Hear Me Now?

Bad cell reception indoors? Hang the Network Access Unit in a window, and put the repeater box where the signal is worst. It´ll spread good reception over 2,500 square feet. Spotwave Zen 1900 $400;

Avoid the Freakout

When your cellphone dies, your phone book shouldn´t go with it. The Backup-Pal will store up to 1,000 contacts in its 128 megs of flash memory. Plug it into your new cell to transfer them over. Backup-Pal $40;

Nerves Ending?

You can get carpal tunnel syndrome from the vibrations of mountain biking. The precisely placed gel pads on these cycling gloves protect your median nerve as you bomb the trail. Spenco MTB Heat Wave $28;

Title Track

Grab one of these ready-to-go audio books during that 11-hour layover. Each player contains a single title and includes a battery and earbuds. Playaway Audio Books $35;

Car Tune Channel

Plug an SDcard, USBflash drive or MP3 player into this cigarette-adapter FM transmitter; it´ll sniff out music files and play them through your car radio. Roadmaster VRFM 8 $70;

TV Addict’s Cell

This GSM Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone has two TV tuners inside: one terrestrial, and one for the cellphone- tailored DVB-H programming that´s coming later this year. Modeo DVB-HSmartphone Price not set;

Broadband Alternative

Cable and DSL are no longer the only choices for home Internet. Slide your Sprint cellular networking card into this router, and it´ll spread the fast EV-DO signal wirelessly. Linksys EV-DORouter $200;

Guiding Light

A laser helps keep your cuts straight-if you can see it. This 10-inch saw sports a laser on the blade guard rather than the usual location, the pivoting arm. That way, you won´t block it when you lower the blade. Black & Decker Firestorm Compound Miter Saw $160;

Finders Keepers

Attach the paperclip-size tags to valuables (like keys or kids). If one gets lost, the 2.45-gigahertz radio-frequency homing system shows you where to look, up to 600 feet away. Loc8tor $100 (with two tags);

Pocket Power

Put this palm-size drill on your tool belt, and leave the mega-drill in the truck. Its 10.8-volt lithium-ion battery and 400rpm motor-cranking out 80 pound-inches of torque-let it drive 100 three-inch screws on one charge. Bosch Litheon Pocket Driver $130;

Custom Glow

Dimming? Pshaw! This lamp lets you control the kind of light it shines. Half of its LEDs are yellow-hued, and half are bluish. With all 20 on, the lamp is neutral. Go blue for intense light, yellow for soft. Herman Miller Leaf Light $525;