Pay what you want for 12 ebooks on 3D printing, CAD, and CNC

Explore the latest DIY trends for less.

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It is often said that making something yourself is infinitely more rewarding than buying off the shelf. Thanks to the latest fabrication technology, anyone can now enjoy the satisfaction of DIY design. If you want to become a weekend maker or a pro inventor, the CAD & 3D Printing eBook Bundle by Make: is a great place to learn. This bundle contains 12 in-depth courses from the experts in DIY—and you can currently pay what you want for the training at the PopSci Shop.

The good folks at Make: have been supplying the maker community with inspiration for over a decade. You can think of this bundle as their highlight reel, complete with the latest tech and expert advice.

The library includes fascinating reads on 3D printing, CAD, laser cutting, and CNC machining. Along the way, you will encounter plenty of hands-on projects and step-by-step instructions on how to create your own designs.

In addition, the bundle shows you how to start making money from your new maker skills.

These ebooks are worth $186 in total, but you can currently name your price. Simply pay what you want for two titles, and beat the average price paid to get the rest.

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