Long ago, in an island far, far away, a pair of brothers unearthed a great secret. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, together with his brother Prince Harry toured the United Kingdom’s Pinewood Studios, where parts of Star Wars: The Force Awakens were filmed, and where work is underway on the next movie of the series. During their tour, Prince Harry slipped into the cockpit of a fictional craft, and revealed a little more of the upcoming film: there are A-Wings in it.

The A-Wing first made its screen debut in Return of the Jedi, as one of several new rebel fighters battled the Imperial fleet outside the second Death Star. The A-Wings are canonically fast, pursuit craft made for raids and interception. Most famously (as seen above) one crashed through the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Executor, destroying it in a bold kamikaze maneuver.

A-Wings, as well as Y-Wings, B-Wings, and any other rebel fighters were notably absent from The Resistance’s arsenal in Force Awakens, with only the ubiquitous and beloved X-Wing making a return to the screen. With Prince Harry’s turn in the cockpit, we now know that the fighter is set for some sort of comeback in a future film, most likely Episode VIII. We know nothing more about what the A-Wing will do, but given the fighter’s past role in the series we can expect something fast or reckless, or both.

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