Know Your Olympic Sports

Dumb jocks? Hardly. As the Olympics draws to a close, PopSci rounds up the cutting-edge science and technology athletes are using to go farther and faster than ever before

Table Tennis

Speed glue, robots and more. Learn why ping pong truly is the sport of champions


Swifter suits, shoes that lean and gaming the pistol are just the beginning of the tech innovations giving track the runaround this summer

Synchronized Swimming

Think it's a sissy sport? Think again. A look at the arduous training, high-tech speakers and super-strong hair paste involved in keeping those swimmers peak


Smacking a ball over a net calls for some surprising technology


A look at the advanced tools players are using to stay sharp—even as softball's last hurrah nears a close


The athletes, the water, and the technology


A slew slew of high-tech innovations have vaulted gymnastics to the forefront

Synchronized Swimming (Round Two)

A high-tech, swimsuit-bound light show has landed Spain's team in hot water

Filming Beijing

Bringing every action second packed second to millions of viewers takes some serious gadgetry


The largest athletes need high-tech toys too

Field Hockey

Bending it like Beckham, special shoes, and one very hot training chamber are all part of the making of a modern player

Doping Beijing

The drugs behind the door