Gallery: 2011 Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ Image 1

The Jaguar XJ's ultra-light chassis weighs less than the steel underpinnings of the Mini Cooper.Jaguar

Jaguar XJ Image 2

The XJ weighs between 4,100 and 4,300 pounds, easily the lightest sedan in its class.Jaguar

Jaguar XJ Image 3

The super-light sedan still packs either a 470- or a 510-hp supercharged V8.Jaguar

Jaguar XJ Image 4

Its supercharged V8 engine makes it nearly as quick as higher-priced competitors like the Mercedes E63 AMG.Jaguar

Jaguar XJ Image 5

Its four-wheel-disc brakes can also stop the car at 70 mph in just 159 feet.Jaguar

Jaguar XJ Image 6

The XJ was rewrought by Ian Callum, the designer of the Aston Martin DB7.Jaguar

Jaguar XJ Image 7

The 470-horsepower XJ runs a mere second behind the 514-horsepower (and much more expensive) Mercedes E63 AMG.Jaguar

Jaguar XJ Image 8

The XJ will be available for $73,575.Jaguar