Gallery: Xhale HyGreen

Keeping track of clean hands

Xhale HyGreen Image 1

The HyGreen system reminds hospital staff to wash their hands, and keeps track of who doesn't. A quick scrub could keep staff from spreading germs that lead to nearly 2 million in-hospital infections a year. A HyGreen sensor sends a wireless "all clean" signal to a badge worn on a person's shirt pocket.

Xhale HyGreen Image 2

After cleaning their hands with alcohol-based sanitizers, doctors and nurses place them under the HyGreen sensor that sniffs for alcohol, which kills 99.99 percent of germs, and sends a signal to the badge.

Xhale HyGreen Image 3

A picture of the wireless monitor on patient beds that searches for the "all clean" message on a person's badge. If it's absent, the badge vibrates, reminding the wearer to sanitize his hands.

Xhale HyGreen Image 4

The HyGreen wireless monitor on the wall behind a patient. During a five-month field test of HyGreen at the University of Florida's medical center, infection rates dropped to zero.

Xhale HyGreen Image 5

A close-up of the HyGreen sensor.

Xhale HyGreen Image 6

Doctors showing the components of the Xhale HyGreen system.