Gallery: Toyota Prius

The best mileage in America

Toyota Prius Image 1

Take your cues from the interactive energy-data screens, which tell you how to drive more efficiently, and 55 to 60 mpg in the 2010 Prius is within reach.David Dewhurst

Toyota Prius Image 2

Side view of the third-generation 2010 Toyota Prius which hosts a more-efficient gas engine and better aerodynamics.David Dewhurst

Toyota Prius Image 3

Other small improvements--for example, this Prius is the worlds first car whose air conditioner is driven entirely by battery--add up to 10 percent beetter fuel efficiency than the previous iteration.David Dewhurst

Toyota Prius Image 4

You can expect the Prius to get even more efficient in the future: This fall, Toyota began testing a plug-in model that can travel up to 12 miles on electricity alone before switching to gas-electric operation.David Dewhurst