Gallery: PiperJet

The best small jet yet

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The term "very light jet" (VLJ) refers to an emerging category of small jet-powered aircraft, like the PiperJet, that deliver the speed and sophistication of a private jet in a less-expensive craft that requires less training to fly.

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In tests this year, the most capable VLJ so far, the PiperJet, reached it's flight ceiling of 35,000 feet, the same relatively turbulence-free altitude that commercial airliners use.

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A view of the PiperJet's cockpit. The PiperJet has a planned 414mph cruising speed and a 1,300 nautical mile range.

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The $2-million PiperJet can fly from New York to St. Louis in less than 2.5 hours without refueling.