Gallery: LightSpeed B20 binoculars

Compact spy specs

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LightSpeed B20 are the first pair of binoculars with the ability to record voice and video and beam it instantly to another pair up to two miles away.

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Designed for military use in radio-unfriendly environments or in mine shafts where radio waves could trigger explosives, the binoculars record video with one lens, internally convert the data to infrared, and beam it to another pair at up to one megabit per second, the speed of a decent broadband connection.

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The LightSpeed B20's technology is an ingenious coupling of a high-power lens and the infrared LED used in remote controls. It also has a USB hookup to upload and send data from a computer.

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Previous binocular models have offered secure infrared communication, but the B20 is the first to incorporate all the software and hardware on the inside, making it both smaller and lighter, with a 50 percent improvement in speed and distance.