Gallery: El Camino Hospital

The home of high-tech health care

El Camino Hospital Image 1

The new El Camino Hospital in Silicon Valley is the most technologically advanced in the world. The $470-million facility features robots that carry supplies and give surgeons tools, remote robotic surgery capabilities, palm-scanners for patient registration, and infection-resistant bedside computers.

El Camino Hospital Image 2

The front entrance of the El Camino hospital. The facility opened for doctor training in October.

El Camino Hospital Image 3

A patient's room at the El Camino Hospital. Patients' exam results, location and vital signs are transmitted to nurses, doctors and a central server over secure Wi-Fi.

El Camino Hospital Image 4

An operating room at the El Camino Hospital. The facility features remote robotic surgery capabilities.

El Camino Hospital Image 5

An Aethon Tug robot at El Camino hospital. These robots are used to carry supplies and tools around the hospital.

El Camino Hospital Image 6

One of the doctors at El Camino Hospital.

El Camino Hospital Image 7

A main concourse in El Camino hospital.