Gallery: Bosch P2+R2 Combo Bit

One bit drives the two most common types of screws

Bosch P2+R2 Combo Bit Image 1

The tip of Bosch's newly engineered P2+R2 fits a number-2 Phillips screw, while flat spots along the sides match a number-2 square drive screw.

Bosch P2+R2 Combo Bit Image 2

The Phillips screws, used on everything from drywall to deck screws, and the nearly unstrippable square-drive screws are two of the most common fasteners.

Bosch P2+R2 Combo Bit Image 3

Machined from high-strength steel for durability in both traditional and hex-drive chucks, the P2+R2 should mean less time spent changing bits on the job, and no worries about finding yourself without the right bit.

Bosch P2+R2 Combo Bit Image 4

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