Gallery: BMW 7 Series

The most advanced luxury sedan yet

BMW 7 Series Image 1

The BMW750i and its larger brother, the 750Li, exemplify the latest trends in automotive technology. A more efficient engine produces 400 horsepower to this spacious vehicle, allowing riders to speed along in the utmost comfort.

BMW 7 Series Image 2

The High-Beam assist monitors approaching cars, automatically dims the brights, and switches them back on the instant the car passes. Infrared Night Vision detects pedestrians in your path and warns you on the head-up display.

BMW 7 Series Image 3

Interior view of the BMW 750Li's cockpit

BMW 7 Series Image 4

Even the once-scorned iDrive gets it right, with an enormous high-res screen and effortless control of vehicle functions. Europeans get extras that may eventually float our way: full Web-surfing capability and a camera system that reads road signs and displays speed limits.

BMW 7 Series Image 5

The smaller, more efficient engine houses a twin-turbocharged V8 that spools up to 400 horsepower, making the new 7 faster than the outgoing V12-powered models.