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Nintendo launched Wii Fit in North America at the Nintendo World Store in New York City on May 19, 2008. This video game was first released in Japan the previous December.

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It is the first video game system included in the President’s Challenge, a program of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports that encourages Americans to exercise daily.

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Among the nearly 40 activities offered, Wii Fit provides various Yoga poses such as the tree pose (shown), the warrior, and the half moon.

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Balance games include ski slalom (shown), ski jump, and soccer heading.

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And hula hoop (shown), basic step, and basic run are among the aerobic exercises available.

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At the core of the Wii Fit experience is this 8.8 lb balance board. It is powered by four AA batteries and wirelessly communicates with the Wii.

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It also determines how your center of gravity shifts when you move.

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Play a game similar to Dance Dance Revolution in your home.

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Wii Fit provides a calendar to help you monitor your training and fitness goals. It also allows up to eight people on the same game to compare calendars and graphs, encouraging families and friends to participate.

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After you provide your height, Wii Fit calculates your body mass index.