Nuraphone’s pricey headphones are now $319 on Amazon. Everybody hears things differently, a fact that audio companies are now using to market headphones that can be tuned to achieve what they consider to an optimal sound profile. But what sounds good changes depending on what your listening too. Bass-heavy tunes will sound overblown on headphones that boost bass. The Nuraphone headphones try to solve this problem by learning how you hear and customizing your listening experience. The headphones send a series of tones into your ear. A microphone listens to back for sounds called Otoacoustic Emission and creates your custom listening experience and profile.

The Nurphones combine both over-ear and in-ear drivers to deliver the sound—the over-ear provides the bass and the in-ear delivers the higher frequencies. The fit and feel can take a while to get used to, but eventually it works. This set holds a 20-hour battery life and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Snag these sweet headphones for $319.

Osprey bags

Osprey bags. Amazon

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Amazon is hosting 20 percent off packs and other soft containers from Osprey. On offer: zip-up waterproof document wallets with RFID protection, nylon travel backpacks, and more. This way for all the bag options.

Zolo Liberty earbuds

Zolo Liberty earbuds. Amazon

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Anker’s Bluetooth 5 Zolo Liberty earbuds are on sale today for $30 off if you use the code SDCZOLO1 at checkout. They’re now $70, which is sweet considering how great they sound. They’re sweat-proof, hold a five-hour charge, and come with a charging case that holds an extra 40 hours of charge. The GripFit tech helps the buds stay in your ear. I’ve got large ears and they stay in while I workout. The deal is live until April 8. $70.

Bose SoundSport headphones

Bose SoundSport headphones. Amazon

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These Bluetooth and NFC-pairing Bose SoundSport headphones that are 20 percent off right now. They are sweat-resistant, hold a six hour charge, and have sport earbud tips that help them stay in your ears. They are available in four colors: yellow, aqua, black, and red. $119.

Eufy baby monitor

Eufy Security SpaceView Video Baby Monitor. Amazon

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The wall-mountable baby monitor—now $126 if you use the code EUFYELWE at checkout—comes with a panning camera that can view 330 degrees across and 110 degrees up and down. The camera comes with a wide-angle lens attachment and a microphone for two-way audio. It’ll also alert you when your baby starts crying. Watch the footage—it’s got both daytime and night-vision—on a 720 resolution five-inch monitor that can hold up to a seven-hour charge when in constant use. $126.

Bose Home Speaker 500 Amazon

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Beef up your home sound with the Bose Home Speaker 500, which is now $50 off, or $349. The smart speaker provides stereo sound from the single speaker, is Alexa-compatible, and can connect with your Spotify or Amazon accounts, making it easy to stream music. It can be controlled I through buttons on the speaker itself or on the Bose app on your phone. $349.

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