Get these rugged bone conduction Bluetooth headphones for $65

Enjoy your favorite tunes without blocking out your friends.

Headphones are great for blocking out the world—but sometimes, you might need to hear your colleagues or stay alert to traffic. The ALL-Terrain Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones bypass your ear canal, meaning you can still hear people around you. They are also water-resistant and built to endure. You can grab a pair now for $64.95 at the Popular Science Shop.

These headphones rest on the bone just in front of your ear. They deliver sound through your skull using vibrations, keeping your ears free. You can’t feel the vibrations, but you can hear the results loud and clear. These headphones provide the mid-range detail, soaring vocals and booming basslines to satisfy any audiophile. Furthermore, the battery lasts for eight hours of playback.

As their name suggests, the ALL-Terrain headphones are also pretty rugged. The flexible rubberized design offers good comfort and a solid fit, even in wet conditions. Consequently, you can use these headphones for outdoor adventures. They even have built-in controls, so you can play, pause and skip with one hand.

Normally priced at $149.95, the ALL-Terrain headphones are now just $64.95 for a limited time.