As the barrier between your insides and our environment, your skin takes on a lot, including, unfortunately, sun damage and the accumulation of dead skin cells. With age, it becomes harder to naturally shed the dead cells on your skin’s surface, leaving duller, older-looking skin. You might already know to exfoliate your face but it’s just as important to exfoliate your body. Slather on a body scrub during your shower, and rinse to show off softer, smoother skin.

Arabia Coffee Scrub

All-natural coffee scrub with plenty of skin-boosting ingredients. Amazon

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Coffee grounds are supposed to be a great, all-natural way to exfoliate—and this scrub is infused with plenty of other moisturizing, pampering ingredients for your skin, like shea butter, olive oil, and coconut extract. Dead sea salt flakes help exfoliate. Scoop some out and rub it around in circular motions while you shower. Users find this scrub to help with cellulite, stretch marks, and improving skin texture, and the extra moisturizing ingredients will leave your skin hydrated after the exfoliation process.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Scrub

Made with four plant-based oils. Amazon

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Most of the ingredients in this tub are things you’d find in the aisles of a health food store, including sea salt, sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, and other vegetarian ingredients. Keep this in the corner of your shower and lather it on when your skin needs a polish.

Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Brown sugar scrub is safe for sensitive skin. Amazon

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Sugar scrubs, with their smaller granules, are a gentler form of exfoliation. Brown sugar, in particular, contains glycolic acid, an AHA acid beloved by skin care experts. The combination of brown sugar and essential oils like grapefruit, bergamot, and apricot kernel makes it smell delicious, too.