3 gifts for the friend who is always losing things

Save up to 33 percent on these Bluetooth trackers.

Not everyone is blessed with an organized mind. We all have that one buddy who is forever hunting for their keys, their phone, or some other vital item. If you want to help out your forgetful friend, these gadgets at the PopSci Shop should make all the difference—now with up to 33 percent off MSRP.

KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location
KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location Stack Commerce

Pretty much everyone loses their bunch of keys at some point. But with KeySmart Pro, you will always be able to re-find that precious metal. This lightweight organizer keeps up to 10 keys neatly stacked and ready for use, much like the tools in a Swiss army knife.

Thanks to Tile Bluetooth technology, you can also track down your keys at any time via the companion smartphone app. Right now, KeySmart Pro is 33 percent off at $39.99.

Nut Mini Tracker
Nut Mini Tracker Stack Commerce

Of course, there are many other items that you might want to track. Weighing just 10 grams, Nut Mini is perfect for attaching to your wallet or car key.

This tiny tracker will alert you if you start walking away from your valuables. In addition, the tracker can prevent you leaving your phone behind. It’s normally $19.99, but you can get one now for $14.99.

Nut Find 3 Smart Tracker
Nut Find 3 Smart Tracker Stack Commerce

For the most important items, the Nut Find 3 offers a major upgrade. This stylish tracker has a range of 150 feet, and the companion app can tell you the last known location of your item.

Another nice feature is group sharing—you can give your whole family access to tracking important items such as keys, or your laptop. You could even use this device to keep tabs on your dog. You can get the Nut Find 3 now for $19.99, saving 20 percent on the standard price.