Waaaah! Hear that? It’s an emerging world of research!

Welcome to KinderLab, where I’ll cover the emerging world of child development. The brains of babes have long been foreign planets, only to be studied with fuzzy telescopes from afar. Now, scientists are able to study infant and toddler cognition like never before. From external caps that measure blood flow to sophisticated studies of sucking and heart rate, the black box in the crib is becoming clearer. Scientists are getting a closer glimpse of what goes on while young children are getting their bearings in the world – and starting to interact with it. Research into how babies develop speect is helping artificial intelligence research, and peering into baby brains is helping researchers understand autism later in life.

From the neuroscience of tantrums to the physics of crawling to the development of lies, KinderLab will be your link to the science of babes. As the parent of a newborn — er, study subject — my interest goes beyond recent advances to the basic research of how little people grow from precious blobs to precocious movers and shakers. Join me on this developing adventure.

Do you like babies? Do you like science? Then this blog is for you. Kate Gammon