Shirking Violet, Airborne Armor: ZTQ Light Tank

Here is a rare photo of a ZTQ light tank without its turret obscured. The ZTQ light tank is likely to continue being deployed to mountainous areas like Tibet where China has a sometimes uneasy relationship with its neighbors.

A ZTQ light tank arrives at a NORINCO testing ground. Despite belonging to a supposedly less sensitive weapons category than the J-20 stealth fighter or 052D DDG, open source information and pictures of the ZTQ light tank remain very scarce (for some reason, most of the pictures show the ZTQ turret covered in camouflage netting). Armed with either a 105mm or 125mm cannon, the ZTQ appears to have a mission of providing armored fire support to airborne and light forces, like the cancelled American M8 Buford light tank. In addition to replacing 50 year old Type 59 tanks on the border with India and Vietnam, the ZTQ could be a popular export to African and Latin American countries.