New Chinese Spy Ship, Coming Soon to a U.S. Naval Exercise?

Type 0815G Spy Ship Launched

The second 815G electronic intelligence spy ship was launched in March 2014. Its primary collection assets are the two sensor domes on the

Type 815G Spy Ship sets out into harbor

The second Type 815G spy ship is escorted around the shipyard by tugboats. It will likely begin sea trials soon, and like its other Chinese spy ships, be named after a

The second 4,000 ton Type 815G electronic intelligence (ELINT) ship is China’s newest platform for collecting information on the performance of foreign radars, identification transponders, telemetry, navigation systems and jamming systems. Of particular note are the two sensor domes on the 815G’s superstructure; the large size of those domes indicates high sensitivity to record distant enemy radar emissions, such as those belonging to the AEGIS combat system, F-22 stealth fighters and ballistic missile defense units. The 815G is also likely to have improved onboard processing power. The role of such ships is to both to monitor foreign “black projects” being tested in the Asia Pacific, as well as the more mundane task of shadowing U.S.-allied exercises.