What do you get when you mash up TED-style big ideas, citizen science, problem-solving competitions, and grassroots fundraising?

You get something called HeroX.

A new platform for running competitions to solve local and global problems, HeroX combines the big money motivation of the XPrize Foundation with the crowdfunding concepts behind places like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

“We want to seek out the mad geniuses, inspire future tech gurus, and help you find your inner hero,” notes the HeroX site. “You’re going to save the world and we can help.”

HeroX co-founder Peter Diamandis explains further:

To participate, if you have identified a problem you’d like to fix, you can post your idea, get it refined into a challenge, and set a reward to inspire competitors to come up with solutions.

You can also help by sharing links to challenges you’d like to see funded or get attention, donate to challenges, or by competing to solve a challenge.

Currently on tap in the challenge section is a competition to bridge the gap between Mexican technology entrepreneurs and their counterparts in San Antonio, Texas, such that both countries benefit. Over in the ideas area, someone is floating an idea to make viable desalinization technology a priority to solve water shortages.

Ready to get started? You can sign up for free here and check out the FAQ for more details.

Chandra Clarke is a Webby Honoree-winning blogger, a successful entrepreneur, and an author. Her book Be the Change: Saving the World with Citizen Science is available at Amazon. You can connect with her on Twitter @chandraclarke.