©Maki Naro

Despite what today’s comic (a shameless re purposing of my last workshop comic) might have you think, I’m actually no stranger to teaching children how to do dangerous things like arc welding or the value of wearing hard hats when pouring molten bronze into cold ingot molds (That’s a story). I’m available for birthday parties, too! You just have to supply your own furnace.

So you may remember that in July, I gave a workshop at 92Y’s Camp Yomi. It was a blast! I sweated buckets while the kids made gak and learned about polymers in the process. Last week, 92Y posted a video about their STEM program which featured me along with some of the other visiting scientists! I’m still trying to figure out how to embed it, but in the meantime, you can see it HERE.

The reason I didn’t post it earlier was because I was at SciFoo last weekend, hanging out with the best and brightest minds in science and technology at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. I had an amazing time, and there will be more than a few comics about my experiences and the people I spoke with there. As always, stay tuned!