This actually happened last week at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE). I ruined that poor girl’s day. And it was beautiful. The book in question was my latest Sufficiently Remarkable mini-story, MEMORY. It’s a personal story about the fragility of our place in time and reality in relation to our memories. It’s one of two thematically similar minis, the first being GAMES, debuted in June of this year.


Speaking of which, this weekend is New York Comic Con! I’ll be in Artist Alley with Beatrice the Biologist at booth W5. We’re going to be scienceing up the joint, so stop on by! Also, this week there will be all sorts of great science programming for you to check out. In fact, tonight at 92Y, Story Collider is putting on a special Super Week show. Get your tickets here.

For more, here’s an excerpt from my piece on Think Geek about science, super week, and comics:

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