Science, Broken Hearts, and More at New York Comic Con

This actually happened last week at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE). I ruined that poor girl's day. And it was beautiful. The book in question was my latest Sufficiently Remarkable mini-story, MEMORY. It's a personal story about the fragility of our place in time and reality in relation to our memories. It's one of two thematically similar minis, the first being GAMES, debuted in June of this year.

Speaking of which, this weekend is New York Comic Con! I'll be in Artist Alley with Beatrice the Biologist at booth W5. We're going to be scienceing up the joint, so stop on by! Also, this week there will be all sorts of great science programming for you to check out. In fact, tonight at 92Y, Story Collider is putting on a special Super Week show. Get your tickets here.

For more, here's an excerpt from my piece on Think Geek about science, super week, and comics:

Don't stop at my sorry ass for fun science stuff. New York Comic Con doesn't start until Thursday, but there's a full week of geeky science fun during Super Week, NYCC's one-of-a-kind pop culture festival, and of course, it's chock full of science programming. Get yourself a Super Week card and enjoy special deals and first-access to many of the week's events. Earlier I mentioned that science is all about stories.Come listen to some of those stories on Wednesday night at 92nd Street Y with the Super Week edition of Story Collider. This monthly storytelling show has a simple premise: everybody has a story about how science made a difference, affected them, or changed them. This Super Week show features five true stories from science fiction novelists, comic book artists, and even a drunk historian. Tickets and Show info here. Following in the example of learning by entertainment is Science Exclamation Point, an improv show and lecture series all rolled up into a hilarious ball of fun. Come on down to Brooklyn's Morbid Anatomy Museum for "an idiosyncratic mix of science & comedy devoted to the lies we tell ourselves about our brains and the lies our brains tell us about our lives (courtesy of doctored photos)." In Science Exclamation Point, two guests give tongue-in-cheek lectures about their area of study only to have improv troupes Thank You, Robot and special guest team The Curfew turn them on their head and perform skits inspired by the lectures. Show info here! It's every Doctor Who fan's dream to hop into a TARDIS and use the bathroom. No? Just me? Well at The Way Station in Brooklyn you can do just that. This steampunk/whovian bar has the Doctor's iconic blue time machine for a bathroom (and it actually is bigger on the inside). Boasting live music and events every night, The Way Station is pulling out all the stops and sonic screwdrivers for Super Week. So put on your best fez or bowtie (both cool) for the Doctor Who Trivia and Costume Contest on Thursday. And all week long, anyone with a New York Super Week card will receive happy hour price. On top of all that, it's in my neighborhood, so maybe I'll see you there! Allons-y! Finally, if trivia is your thing, and you're still in town after NYCC, check out Nerd Nite, hosted by Matt Wasowski. Featuring three presentations discussing "the dastardly and dark history of Monopoly, how the heck giant armies in the movies (like in The Hobbit or 300) get fed, and gaming in ancient Egypt. Bring friends, form a team, and win some badass prizes. Because you're so smart." Buy tickets here!

©Maki Naro