©Maki Naro

The comic above was first posted on on December 1, 2010. It was the first in what is now a three-year run of comics about science. When I originally started the comic, science communication wasn’t exactly on my mind. To be honest, I was more interested in drawing on a schedule.

At the time, I had been floundering artistically. Between a job which left me little opportunity to make artwork, and a general lack of inspiration, I knew I needed to jump start a new project which would keep me from stagnating. Given my childhood interest in science, and my activism as a skeptic, science seemed like a natural subject matter about which to produce work. Almost immediately, I was joined by my good friend, Nadir, and things began getting serious.

Over the years, we covered topics ranging from lasers and video games to astronomy and pseudoscience. During this time, the Higgs Boson was discovered, and we landed a new robotic rover on Mars. In fact, Nadir once remarked that for just about every science subject one can think of, we can quip, “We did a comic about that.”

Since December 2010, Nadir moved on to focus on his own comic work, and I was a competitor on the reality TV series, Strip Search—which then spawned my newest project, Sufficiently Remarkable. I’ve worked for three different companies during this time, and also shed my full-time employment for freelance pastures.

It’s flooring how that it was only three years ago that I started a comic that invariably changed my life. Here’s to many more in the years to come.