Blocs 2 for Mac lets you build custom websites without code

Save 50 percent on this highly-rated app and work with your favorite CMS.

Building websites is actually quite hard. That’s why developers get paid. But sometimes, you just want a simple online presence that looks good on any device. Enter Blocs 2 for Mac, a visual web design studio that lets you create the perfect site without code. This highly-rated app even lets you choose your CMS. Order now for $39.99 at the Popular Science Shop to save 50 percent on the regular price.

Blocs allows you to create the layout for your site via simple drag and drop controls. You have a number of templates to choose from, and endless style options. The designs are responsive, meaning they work on any device. Furthermore, developers will be impressed by the fast and clean code.

You can then add buttons, images, links, animations, and much more. Blocs also supports Disqus comments and sitemaps for SEO. Finally, you can choose from four top content management systems, including CushyCMS and October. You can create unlimited sites with this app, and even work offline.

Order now for $39.99 to save a half on the regular price for this powerful app.

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