Upgrade your macro photography with the world’s thinnest smartphone lenses

Zoom in on insects and flowers with two great macro lenses for $25.

Even the most mundane objects can be fascinating to explore under a microscope. With the Blips Smartphone Lens Kits, you can capture these tiny details wherever you find them. The lenses offer ten times magnification, so you can easily examine flowers and insects. Right now, you can get the Blips Macro kit for just $24.99 at the Popular Science Shop.


Each kit includes two lenses. The Macro Plus lens offers a 20mm focal length, meaning you can say hello to bugs without frightening them away. This lens is particularly useful in low light, because there is plenty of room between the glass and your subject. Meanwhile, the 10mm Macro Lens allows you to see the details of any flower.

You attach the lenses to your smartphone via multi-usable adhesive. The sticky part wraps over the top of your device, with two aluminum strips ensuring a firm hold. This system allows you to switch between lenses with ease, or remove them altogether. In addition, you can download the companion Blips app to unlock special macro photography controls.

This kit is usually $33.90, but you can grab one now for just $24.99. To explore even smaller details, you can upgrade to the Blips Ultra Lab Kit for just $52.99 via the deal page.