Learn how to make smart investments in Bitcoin for less than $5 per course

This six-course bundle will help you make a mint from the cryptocurrency revolution.

Prior to 2015, few people had ever heard of Bitcoin. Digital currencies seemed to be fun experiments rather than looming realities. But in the last year or so, Bitcoin has made everyone sit up and pay attention.

While there is still volatility in the market, there is also plenty of room for long-term growth. Investors who get in early and understand the marketplace are in a good position to make money. The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle helps you do just that, with six courses and 257 concise video lessons. You can get the whole lot now for $29 via the PopSci Shop. Here’s a breakdown of the training.

The Complete Bitcoin Course: Get .0001 BTC in Your Wallet

Before you jump feet first, it makes sense to test the water with any investment. This grassroots course helps you make your first Bitcoin purchase and understand how the currency works. Every student receives .0001 bitcoin to play around with, and you learn how to spend your Bitcoins online. The lessons also look at money-making opportunities, such as investing and mining.

Bitcoin for Business: How to Accept Bitcoin

Many privacy-conscious consumers prefer to pay with Bitcoin rather than their credit card, because cryptocurrency transactions are untraceable. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, this course will show you how to start accepting Bitcoin payments, both online and physically. The videos cover payment processing, the legal side, and whether Bitcoin is right for your business.

Start & Secure Your Bitcoin Fortune: Join the Revolution

When you first start buying Bitcoin, the process can be pretty confusing. Knowing what to do with your purchase is even harder. This course shows you how to store your Bitcoin and protect your digital fortune from 99 percent of attacks. The course helps you to choose the right wallet for your needs, and to transfer your funds out of any exchange. You also get loads of useful security advice, from two-factor authentication through to cold wallets and password hygiene.

Initial Coin Offering A-Z: Become a Smart ICO Investor

There is more to cryptocurrency trading than merely buying and selling well-known coins. An ICO, or initial coin offering, gives you the opportunity to make an early investment in a brand new cryptocurrency. This course helps you understand this brand new kind of venture capital using historic case studies. You learn how to evaluate any ICO using a methodical approach, and learn about the limitations of the process.

Cryptocurrency Trading

So you’ve read that there is money to be made in the cryptocurrency markets. But where to start? This course answers that question and many more. Through 39 videos, you go from crypto rookie to expert trader. The course explains the technical side, helps you stay secure, explains more about ICOs, and helps you get started in the markets. You even get to watch live examples of market bulls and bears, helping you gain confidence.

Certified Bitcoin Professional

Aside from investing, there are many careers based around Bitcoin. This course helps you pass the Bitcoin Professional Certification exam, which is widely recognized throughout the industry. After a crash course in crypto economics, you take a full tour of the Bitcoin platform. You also learn about Bitcoin commerce and the advantage of different storage systems. You should come away with the knowledge to talk about Bitcoin with confidence.

Put together, these courses amount to more than 22 hours of training. The bundle includes lifetime access to all the courses, and you can stream the lessons on desktop and mobile devices.

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