Price: $6,990 Max Range: 90 miles Weight: 62 pounds. Jarren Vink

Commuters love nothing more than blowing past hipsters on fixies. That’s one reason the 28 mph Stromer ST2 electric bike is a total joy for urban cyclists. With a 90-mile range—twice that of other e-bikes—you can forgo work altogether and head for the hills.

The ST2 packs a 48-volt battery in the frame’s down tube, evenly distributed for balance—another e-bike first. It also stretches battery life by way of regenerative braking. A gyroscope and accelero­meter further boost efficiency by adjusting battery output while the bike is in motion.

Pedalers love the peripherals too. An onboard touchscreen displays your speed and power mode. Riders can customize the level of motor assistance by programming a custom profile; torque, pedal sensitivity, and power-assist level can all be changed on a whim or saved for later use. The bike also connects to Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) data networks on its own, without a data plan, so it’s always connected. In the event it’s stolen, GPS allows you to track it with your smartphone and lock it down remotely.

Oh, and it looks like a two-wheel urban assault vehicle worthy of the Dark Knight. Eat your hearts out, Boy Wonders.

This article was originally published in the August 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Take Hills Without Breaking a Sweat.”