This 10-foot throw blanket will keep your whole family warm this winter

Get this vast temperature-regulating blanket for $129.

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As the falling temperatures start to bite, keeping everyone cozy can be a challenge. Next time you’re at a big game or camping with the kids, you might want to pack the Big Blanket. As the name suggests, this temperature-regulating throw is huge. Measuring ten feet square, it is easily large enough to keep your whole family wrapped up. Over at the PopSci Shop, you can pick up a Big Blanket now for just $129.

The Big Blanket’s main goal is to replace the huge stack of individual blankets piling up in your living room. It is four times larger than a standard throw, and the material has some really useful qualities.

Made from polyester with a pinch of Spandex, the blanket is stretchy enough to wrap around three pairs of legs. In addition, the special weave helps to maintain a comfortable temperature underneath the Big Blanket. The material is also super soft and it naturally wicks away moisture.

The Big Blanket is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can even use it as a massive picnic blanket when the warmer weather returns.

Normally priced at $500, the Big Blanket is now $129 in a choice of five colors.