Four XLR cables for every audiophile

Make the connection.

Shorthand for “external line connector,” XLR is nothing more than a fancy name for this three-pronged cable that’s as ubiquitous and essential to the music industry toolbox as the ¼” guitar cable. Got a microphone to hook up? This is your ticket. Plugging speakers into a mixer? Look no further. From Woodstock ‘69 to Saturday night karaoke, this is the cable that made it all happen, and if you’re looking to assemble an audio rig for any purpose, you’ll want a handful of these in your arsenal.

Here are four of our favorite XLR cables in a few different flavors.

Best value: 10-Foot AmazonBasics XLR Male to Female Microphone Cable

Quality At A Good Price

Streamlined for performance. Amazon


AmazonBasics’ flagship XLR cable is designed with sound in mind. Featuring copper wire and shielding throughout, its structure is specifically tailored to reduce electromagnetic interference and deliver crystal-clear quality sound from end to end. It’s finished off with nickel-plated zinc connectors and a PVC sleeve that’s smooth to the touch yet durable enough to protect the wiring inside.

Tough: AmazonBasics 3 Pin Microphone Cable

A Reliable Pick

Durable inside and out. Amazon


This upgraded XLR cable sports a flexible black-and-white braided jacket that adds a further degree of protection and durability while helping it stand out amongst any inevitable cable pile. The connector ends feature a metallic barrel and spring-shaped reinforcement which make this cable ideal for stage applications or taking on the road. Built with copper to the AmazonBasics spec, these cables will provide all the clarity and pure signal of your audio in a package that is built to last.

Best bundle: Ebxya 10-Pack 15 Ft XLR Male to Female

Durable And Festive

Inspirational connections for your studio. Amazon


If you’re setting up a recording studio, starting a band, or just want to add some color to your setup, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than the Ebxya XLR bundle. The ten color options are ideal for color-coding multi-input setups in close quarters where fast access is a must. The cables feature metal and rubber connector reinforcements and the pins are silver-plated for noiseless performance and enhanced durability.

Superior choice: Mogami Gold STUDIO-06 XLR Microphone Cable

Best Of The Best

It’s specifically designed for passing the clearest and purest possible signal in less-than-ideal electrical environments, and that means it can be relied on virtually anywhere. Amazon


Boasting one of the best signal-to-noise ratios in its class, the GOLD series of cables has long been considered a top choice for home and professional studios alike. This XLR cable sports gold-plated connectors for superior conductivity and twice the amount of internal wiring over other cables to render up to a 95 percent reduction in electrical hum and RF interference.