by John MacNeill

The Holographic TV

There are plenty of great ideas for the future out there. Predicting which ones will become more than ideas, which technologies will come storming into your life and flip it upside down–that’s dangerous business. But it sure is a rush. And it’s exactly what we’ve done in the pages that follow: We homed in on the most jaw-dropping research projects happening in five core realms and extrapolated just how–and when–they’ll come to exist. We’ll turn you on to holographic television and a robotic roller coaster that would be a blast even if you couldn’t program
it yourself, which you can (in 2008). We’ll show you the space suit galactic tourists will wear and the infinitely customizable electronic-walled homes the rest of us will live in. Oh, yeah: And we’ll explain what it’ll take to make the blind see. We may or may not be spot-on with the dates, but rest assured that with all these marvels, it’s a question of when, not if. So check out what’s next.