Do you have a fickle father? Do you cringe when thinking about trying to find the right Father’s Day gift? Well, thanks to the folks at Stanley those days are over!

The Stanley tool lineup looks better than ever and each tool makes an outstanding Father’s Day gift!

The 3-in-1 Tripod LED Flashlight is perfect for shedding light on the hardest to reach places and the hands-free design ensures that dad will be free to work on mom’s to-do list. And speaking of that to do list…dad will need plenty of tools to get it done.

With the FatMax® 16 Oz. Curve Claw Graphite Hammer you ensure dad has one of the best and most affordable hammers on the market. The larger SWEET SPOT on the FatMax will make sure dad isn’t missing his mark and channels more power with less effort.

Every dad needs a trusty utility knife and there are few better than the FatMax® Retractable Utility Knife. It is ergonomically designed for dad’s hands and it’s built for less wobble while cutting for maximum control and safety.

They say measure twice and cut once and with the FatMax® Tape Rule, measuring has never been easier. The specially designed hook grabs one side, top or bottom for versatility and the Cushion grip provides a comfortable, slip-resistant hold.

Does dad have any demolition in his sights? If so, he’d be jumping for joy when he opens the FUBAR Demolition Bar. This is one of the coolest sounding (and looking) tools on the market and any man would be proud to add this to his collection. The precision ground chisel and strikeable surface is perfect for ripping, cutting, and prying and will make mincemeat of the most stubborn of materials.

If your dad’s anything like most men he has one of those old rusty socket sets. Well, it’s time to upgrade dad to the Stanley® 99 Pc. Black Chrome Socket Set. This socket set provides up to two times the corrosion resistance of traditional socket sets…and it looks super cool doing so! Each kit includes: pear-head ratchets, deep well sockets, standard sockets, a spinner handle, extension bars, spark plug sockets, a set of bits, and a durable plastic carry case…and the larger kits provide additional items such as wrenches, u-joints, and adapters (depending on the kit). One of the more versatile tool kits on the market!

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I’d love to get dad one of each…but where would he store them?” Great Question! Stanley must have been thinking the same exact thing when they came out with the FatMax® 28″ Structural Foam Water Resistant Toolbox. This water-resistant, extra-heavy-duty toolbox is perfect for carrying dad’s new Stanley tools and has room leftover for his power tools as well!

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