Every third Thursday in November, someone in nearly every household in America prepares quite a substantial meal. But let’s face it, not all of us are gourmet chefs, or even amateur cooks. Some of us call microwave mac n cheese our specialty dish or have, on occasion, burned rice (it’s actually not that hard to do). But we live in a technologically advanced world, so here’s some cooking gadgets to make Thanksgiving 2016 go as smoothly as possible for chiefs at every skill level.


Kitchenpad Timer App

This one is just an app, but it could turn out to be the most useful item on this list. At any point during your cooking process, you will likely have multiple dishes on the stove and in the oven–all of them requiring various temperatures and cooking times. The Kitchenpad timer app tracks what’s where and how long each item needs to cook. So you’ll never burn another dish again! Hopefully.

Fat Separator

Cooking a great Thanksgiving feast always means a time crunch. And sometimes we forget about making simple, yet beloved items, like gravy. To make gravy under time constraints, a fat separator can easily and quickly separate the fat from stocks with no mess involved. There are tons of different fat separators, but Cook’s Illustrated Magazine recently tested a handful of them out. Their pick? The Cuisipro Fat Separator, pictured above, which removed the most fat from the stock in everyone of the tests.

An Electric Corkscrew

Wine is a staple at any Thanksgiving celebration. But opening a bottle of wine takes patience and some skills, which you might not have when you have food in the oven and guests to entertain. Don’t fret. Electric or automatic openers aren’t terribly expensive and they can make a big difference when you have more than a handful of bottles to open. This one, from MetroKane, is known for its ease of use: One button removes the cork and plastic in one clean swoop.

Range Smart Cooking Thermometer

Cooking is a science. And an exact science at that. Knowing the temperature of your turkey as it’s being cooked is essential in making sure you are not under or overcooking the main event of the meal, even by a minute. The Range Thermometer is a handheld thermometer that connects via a cord to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It has exchangeable bands for measuring meats, candy, or homebrewed beverages. While the thermometer is plugged into the device, the accompanying app displays the exact temperature of the dish on the screen, and can send alerts or set off timers when your turkey (or whatever you are cooking) is done.