For connoisseurs of hot beverages made with ground beans or dried herbs, any season is perfect for a warm drink. Whether you consume on the go or create a ritual around your daily intake, having the right mug is essential. Help them make the most of their sipping experience with these mugs.

Sweet choice: Muggo 12-Ounce Temperature Control Mug

Take It Anywhere

An innovative solution for continuous heating of your drink even while you’re on the go. Amazon

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This temperature-controlled travel mug from Muggo boasts a three-hour battery life in a single charge and offers users precise touch-control of beverage temperature from a range of 95 – 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The dual charger station uses USB-C and allows the drink to continue heating even while the battery is charging up, making it a perfect resting place for your drink while you’re working at a desk. It’s insulated inside and out and is crafted from BPA-free carbonate and stainless steel with a ceramic halo and spill-resistant rubber seal, so it’s just as durable and rugged as it is high-tech.

Total package: Sweese Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser

Tall, Colorful, And Handsome

Perfect all-in-one option for all your drinking needs. Amazon

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This 15-ounce mug is great for larger servings and comes with a stainless steel infuser that makes it easy to steep loose tea leaves. Just place the infuser in the top of the cup, cover it with the lid, and let it steep. The cover helps keep the tea hot but can be used as a coaster as well. It comes in more than a dozen colors, too.

The best: Ember Smart Mug

Advanced Container

Keeping your tea at the perfect temp. Amazon

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If you prefer drinking out of a mug instead of a tumbler or thermos, but hate how quickly your tea gets cold, the Ember Smart Mug is a dream come true. This mug syncs with your smartphone and keeps your tea at your ideal temperature for hours. With the Ember app, you can easily create presets for your favorite drinks and seasons. The mug also comes with a charging coaster. The sleek ceramic exterior makes this a great mug to drink from and also allows for hand-washing when you’re done.

Best to-go: YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug

Get A Solid Handle On Your Drink

For taking your tea with you. Amazon

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If you’re bringing your tea or coffee on the go, but want it to stay toasty warm, the Yeti Rambler is the mug for you. The stainless steel and double vacuum seal design keep your tea hot, which makes it ideal for a morning walk or camping trip. It’s also dishwasher safe.

Sleek design: Pure Zen Tea Tumbler With Infuser

Minimalist Container

Flavor your beverage. Amazon

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This is great for busy tea drinkers that just don’t have time to wait for their tea to steep before pouring it into a mug or thermos. With the Pure Zen Tea Tumbler, just throw your favorite loose leaf tea into the infuser and you’re ready to go. The sleek design allows for easy travel while the double opening makes for super easy cleanup. The durable glass is also made with an insulated layer so you never have to worry about the outside of the tumbler getting too hot.

Earthy choice: Historically Modern Designs Coffee & Chai Tea Mug

Versatile Drinkware

Inspired by traditional terracotta cups. Amazon

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This clay mug with a black glazed interior is inspired by the traditional vessels for chai tea, but modernized to be both dishwasher and microwave safe. Since the mugs have no handles, they are great for warming your hands and holding your hot tea close to you on crisp mornings.