No matter what age you are, there’s something peaceful about filling in the lines of an illustration with your favorite colored pencils or pens. Unwind with these fun activities that feed your brain and spark your imagination.

Draw the body: Netter’s Anatomy Coloring Book Updated Edition

Get To The Heart Of Art

A textbook case for interactive learning. Amazon

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This 392-page scholarly work is packed with comprehensive drawings and descriptions of human anatomy. Learn what veins, muscles, nerves, and more look like from multiple viewpoints, and color each numbered part to help retain a visual memory of their form and function. Test your newly acquired knowledge using the review questions at the end of each section.

Out of this world: Earth and Space Coloring Book

Fill In The Space(s)

Kick back with the cosmos. Amazon

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You won’t lack color inspiration when filling in the illustrations of the cosmos in this book. Amazing photos from NASA’s archives including solar flares, nebulas, and planets are featured alongside your soon-to-be masterpiece. Develop a new sense of appreciation for the depth and variety of hues in the universe as you blend the perfect shades of blue to represent Earth as seen from space.

Get really detailed: Life Under The Lens: A scientific coloring book

Fine Lines

A microscopic canvas for your creativity. Amazon

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Jennifer Delaney, the author and illustrator behind this clever book, wants you to have as much fun coloring as you do getting to know organisms from E. coli to ferns and their spores. Pique your curiosity about the patterns and shapes in nature that we can’t identify with the human eye. Then delight in bringing them to life however you like.

Decades of fun: The Historical Heroines Coloring Book

The Past In Pictures

Thirty-one pioneering scientists you’ll want to know. Amazon

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Coloring enthusiasts will enjoy the challenge of illuminating the vibrancy of these 18th and 19th-century women of STEM. Aspiring scientists of any age will appreciate the historical context and achievements of people like Ada Lovelace, Alice Ball, and Beatrix Potter that accompany each of the captivating illustrations.

Sea-inspired: Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book

Dive Into Your Art

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Life’s not a beach. It’s a sneaker wave. The next time your day is a whirlpool of frustrations, grab this wonderful book full of geometric patterns that turn even the tentacles of an octopus into soothing symmetry. There’s also a treasure hunt for a variety of pirate’s booty hidden within the intricate drawings. Arrr!