The best rechargeable batteries for every device

Power flashlights, cameras, and game controllers with less waste.

Tired of throwing away old batteries? Consider switching to rechargeable batteries, which provide the same power with less waste. They’re easy to recharge at home, and most are designed to last for hundreds (to thousands) of charge cycles, and maintain their charge for years. While disposable batteries start at 1.5 volts of energy and lower until they’re dead, rechargeable batteries use 1.2 volts of energy throughout their lifespan, giving you optimal battery performance. And while a charge and battery set might cost more at first, not having to constantly replace the batteries for your toys and devices means it’s a worthwhile investment.

Best overall: Panasonic eneloop AA/AAA batteries

For Any Device

Reliable with 2100 charge cycles. Amazon


A set of Panasonic eneloop batteries can be recharged up to 2,100 times with 2000mAh (the total amount of energy a battery can store at a time). They’re precharged using environmentally friendly solar power and ready to use right away. They keep up to 70 percent of their charge even after ten years in storage. You’ll be able to use these guys whether they’re partially charged or fully charged. They boast a fast charging speed, and come in both AA or AAA options, with an optional charger.

Most environmentally conscious: Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries

All Sizes Available

Made out of recycled materials. Amazon


These Energizer rechargeable batteries are made out of four percent recycled batteries, and can be charged up to 1,000 times, with 2000 mAh. Their charge lasts up to a year in storage, and the batteries last up to five years. Charge time takes a while, but once your batteries are charged up, they’ll be ready to go: each charge will last up to 5.5 hours in toys, or 8 hours on a gaming device like a Switch or Wii controller. Energizer also makes all other rechargeable battery sizes.

Budget pick: AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries (2000 mAh), Pre-charged

Cold Weather-Friendly

High performance at an affordable price. Amazon


These high capacity batteries come with 2,000 mAh, and can charge hundreds of times without power loss. They stay 80 percent charged after a year in storage, and are fully rechargeable after three years. They keep up their performance even in cold weather, and cost a fraction of the price of name-brand batteries.