If you’re on the road, getting your regular caffeine fix may be less reliable. Don’t leave your morning cup of joe to chance: here are the best portable coffee makers to ensure that you start your day off right.

The easiest option when you’re away from the kitchen. Amazon

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These single-serve pour-over coffee packets are the perfect option for traveling or camping, and require no heavy equipment. All you need is a cup to hang the eco-friendly filter filled with coffee, and hot water. Kuju Coffee is also nitro-flushed, which keeps out all the oxygen and ensures the freshest-tasting coffee. As an added benefit, one percent of profits are donated to the National Park Foundation.

Fancy drinks, no matter where you wake up. Amazon

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This handheld espresso machine is light and easy-to-pack, making it a nice option for campers and hikers not willing to give up their fancy coffees. There are optional add-ons like a carrying case and varying sizes of water tanks so you can enjoy multiple espresso drinks, from a ristretto to a caffè lungo. To use, add ground coffee to the filter basket and then add hot water to the water tank, unlock the piston from its transport position and then pump a few times to extract fresh coffee. It’s modern and slick design is sure to impress whomever you’re waking up in the wilderness with.

A classic. Amazon

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This cult coffee maker comes in a one-cup size and goes all the way up to a 12-cup option. While you’ll need access to a stovetop (or a camping stove) to use, it doesn’t require anything else but water and ground coffee. The result is a strong cup made in five minutes, and the Moka is easy to clean and disassemble for further space-saving. It’s a classic Italian design.

A no-mess choice, cold or hot. Amazon

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For French press fans, this Bodum stainless steel traveling coffee maker does it all: it can make cold brew or hot coffee, and its double-wall vacuum keeps drinks hot for four hours and cold for six. For days when you want to drink tea, it can be used easily with loose-leaf. Another nifty feature is its isolation technology, which prevents coffee grinds from getting into your coffee and teeth, unlike normal French presses. It’s also spill-proof, which makes it hard to beat.

A cult choice can carry around with you. Amazon

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AeroPress has a devout following for a reason: it has a shorter brewing time than French presses (for those who really need their caffeine right away) and the pressure created by its syringe-like design allows for a more complete extraction, and thus a richer, smoother coffee. You can also play scientist and experiment with water temperature, steep time, and pressing time to find the best formula for you. With the AeroPress, you won’t find any grinds in your coffee and it is also super easy to clean up.