Planners to help you stay on task and accomplish your goals

It’s time to get organized. You’ve got a to-do list to destroy.

Writing things down helps you remember, as studies show. When it comes to meetings, appointments, and deadlines, remembering them is important, to say the least. Digital notebooks are not for everyone and some people simply find it helpful putting pen to paper. Academic year calendars start in August, so it’s a good time to begin keeping an agenda if you’ve been meaning to get more organized.

When choosing one, it’s helpful to think about the specific layout that would work best for you as well as portability. For example, do you have multiple appointments daily and need to account for every hour or do you only need to keep track of important meetings and events? Here are some planners we recommend.

Keep your work life and personal aspirations in one place. Amazon

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This agenda is made for people who love to keep track of their goals, progress, and future aspirations on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis (or who are hoping to start). The Passion Planner is organized to keep track of your schedule by the hour. There are also boxes on every page for “this week’s focus” and “good things that happened” as well as “work priorities” and “personal to-do list.” The large one is heavy, so it’ll probably work best if you’re planning to keep it at home.

The right-hand side is designed with boxes for “notes” “priorities” “lists” and “events.” Amazon

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It’s rare to find datebooks with color ink printed on every page, like the Marble Medium Planner, which also has an attractive faux marble cover. The text features an elegant typeface and each day is printed in a bold color. Like the Muji planner, it’s a structured agenda with the days of the week on the left but also has enough space for free-formed notes on the right.

Datebook for your day-to-day. Amazon

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The Moleskine classic planner is compact and will be easy to carry on a day-to-day basis. The pages are laid out by the week, with Monday to Wednesday on one side and Thursday to Sunday on the other, with a block of empty space for each day. It works really well if you need a datebook for important occasions, but don’t necessarily need to keep track of every hour, write down every time you go to the gym, or brainstorm random to-do lists. It also comes in a variety of colors.